Our Company

We are a Company dedicated to plastic product manufacturing obtained through an injection molding process. We have 25 years of experience in the local market and an excellence-oriented team that allows our clients to count on high-quality functional products.

We have production lines of 18-20L bottle caps with snap closure; paintbrush handles with measures between ½” and 6”; grocery cart’s wheels, and stabilizers for kid’s bicycles.

Our commitment is to grant client satisfaction, impulse the development of new technologies, and offer our experience to develop and implement innovative projects through our advisory service.


Manufacture and market plastic products satisfying the needs and quality standards required by our clients; implementing innovative solutions and constant improvement of our process, with maximum responsibility and commitment towards the environment; driven by development and plenitude of human resources.


To be recognized in the plastic industry as a company committed to customer satisfaction, always exceeding client expectations by being pioneers in developing and applying innovative technologies that grant better quality standards and excellence of our products, assuming the utmost responsibility of efficient service in every stage of our process.